Saturday, August 27, 2005


The PodBomb is back up... somewhat. I can't upload new and improved files. What the? Hey now! They told me it was fix! And I believed them when I could see my page online. But something ain't right 'bout this!

Opened a ticket online with the support group and got a responce back that "The issue on your server connection has been resolved you should be able to connect using your Dreamweaver program or the Control Panel." So I decided to fix a booboo I found, but could not. 550 error again.

Ok no more email, its time to play dirty and use the "Live Chat" feature! (Brew-HA_HA!! [evil supervillan laugh]) So next I got to sit through about half an hour of being told I'm up real soon.
Thank you for contacting Globat Support. A support agent will assist you shortly. You are number 1 in the queue. Your wait time will be approximately 3 minute(s) and 47 seconds
So who do I get on the Live Chat? My buddy "james" who had recently emailed telling me that he was able to upload to my account and that it worked just fine on his end. So now the fun starts... how to convince the already convinced that there really is something goofed up.
james: I saw your ticket
james: I just tried and we are able to uplosd to it
Inabeanpod: to the httpdocs directory?
james: Yes
Great. He thinks its working. Hmm... I'll believe it when I see it. I'll find out where he uploaded and what he uploaded. If I can find it, which I doubt, then the problem is possibly on my end where no changes were made (thus the problem probably isn't on my end).
Inabeanpod: which file did you upload?
james: I uploaded a 1.html file there before
Huh? Now why would he upload a file over the top of one of mine? That don't make no sence! This is not good. I can see file 1.html. Maybe he really did upload it. *Half-dim lightbulb pops on* I fire up in my favorite web browser and what do you know, its not his. It's mine! There's no way in the world that he would upload the exact same file that I already had there. *Lightbulb pops on* He tried to upload a file and he sees mine. Get him to upload a file, not named the same as one of mine, like 11.html, and see how he reacts when it doesn't go (Brew-Ha-Ha!! [evil supervillain laugh]).
Inabeanpod: Can you upload a file called 11.http?
james: Do you mean .html?
Inabeanpod: oops, yeah
james: I'll upload pne please wait
Sometime later...
james: Now it doesn't work
james: hmmm
james: I'll forward your support ticket to our system admins
Sweet! Progress! Victory is nearly at hand!
james: I just escalated your ticket to our system admins
james: It seems that it's still on read only
Inabeanpod: ok. will I keep the same ticket number?
james: Yes
Inabeanpod: Cool beans. Thanks for you help James.
james: You are welcome and have a good day!
All's well that ends well... especially if they get my account corrected and let me upload files agian! The directories under the one set as read only seemed ok, lets hope they don't get goofed up now as this gets corrected :)

Friday, August 26, 2005

El Bustoed

Not sure if I spelled "bustoed" right or not. Anyway, don't go here:, because its broken! El bustoed! 404ed! Now I know this post wont make any sence once whatever is wrong has been fixed, but until then... yeah. Don't know when it went down the digital toilet though. Have noticed my stats tracker was showing a flatline for my webpage, but nice normal stats for my . Didn't think too much of that. Noticed my sig banner not showing up on, didn't think much of it. Noticed my backgrounds on my thingy not showing up, thought my loyal webpage viewers had used all my bandwidth for the month. Tried to look at my nifty badge on the aboutme.html page, but nada. Thought that's not cool and tried, 404. Hmm... ping nope not gonna happen. Oh well. bruiseing things happen.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Bruised Heel Bone

I bruised my heel bone a couple weeks ago. I knew right away something was not good when it happened. Said to myself "that's not good. Hope its not broken!" Then I knew it wasn't broken because I didn't pass out, which has happened on the last two broken bones. My next thoughts were to hope that it was a bone bruise and not ripped and torn ligaments, tendons and cartilage. When I was able I put ice on my foot and started taking painkillers, but after four days it was not better, I went to the doc. X-rays confirmed no breaks and the Doc said about the only thing I can do is take painkillers and put ice on it until it's better. Anyway now I walk like I'm a "lame duffer" and I wonder if I will remember how to walk like a normal person if it gets all the way better.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Lost in Africa

Found this tid bit on the local rock station, 98.9 the Rock, webpage:
Lost in Africa
System of a Down are teaming up with Amnesty International to call for the release of 30-year-old Christian evangelical church singer Helen Berhane, who currently is being detained in the African nation Eritrea. The band has booths set up supporting her cause on its current North American tour. "I've been a member of Amnesty for a long time and I appreciate what Amnesty does," says System singer Serj Tankian.
AIUSA Action Center
I tried to match the tid bit as best I could... I guess any band or singer gets bolded ::shrugs:: What I find odd is that they are working to get a Christian freed. Who would have thunk?

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Globat's Cool!

Just got the following in my email:
Dear Inabeanpod,

Have you ever had a day where you woke up late because your alarm clock ran
out of battery that night? Then you notice that your favorite shirt is at
the dry cleaner, right before you have to call your neighbor for help
because your car wouldn't start? Well, at today was one of those

We sincerely apologize for flooding you with emails; some customers received
as many as 10 from us today. After years of loyal service our mailing list
system decided to adopt an attitude and, before we could even notice, some
of our customers received our "50% Off up to 4 additional hosting packages"
email up to 10 times. Talk about annoying, given the amount of email most
of you are probably already receiving.

While we strive to make a lasting impression on our customers, that was
certainly the wrong way to do it! Once again, please accept our humble
apology for this mishap. We will take all necessary steps to ensure this
will not happen again.

Best regards,

Ben R. Neumann
President & CEO
They goofed up and then fessed up to it! How cool is that?!

Tuesday, August 09, 2005


I've never liked belly button piercings. I never will. They are very unattractive and rank up there with other things that turn me off like tattoos, smoking, drinking and cursing. Any of those four thing will definitely disqualify a girl from my interest.

Now for your reading pleasure I'd like to present Another Reason to Not Pierce You Belly Button or How to Be a Bad Parent:
BOSTON -- A 13-year-old was in critical condition and her mother faced criminal charges Monday for failing to get medical help after the girl's attempt to pierce her own belly button caused a severe infection lasting weeks.

By the time Deborah Robinson's daughter was taken to the hospital last week, the former middle school track runner weighed about 75 pounds and was near death, authorities said.

Here's another story about it from Illness 'got out of hand,' lawyer says

Oops! The Bible is Right... Again!

Here's the full text from the current Drudge Report flash (I'm posting it this way because the flash wont be up forever).
Biblical Pool of Siloam Is Uncovered in Jerusalem
Tue Aug 09 2005 00:09:33 ET

Workers repairing a sewage pipe in the old city of Jerusalem have discovered the biblical Pool of Siloam, a freshwater reservoir that was a major gathering place for ancient Jews making religious pilgrimages to the city and the reputed site where Jesus cured a man blind from birth, the LOS ANGELES TIMES reports.

The pool was fed by the now famous Hezekiah's Tunnel and is ``a much grander affair'' than archeologists previously believed, with three tiers of stone stairs allowing easy access to the water, according to Hershel Shanks, editor of Biblical Archeology Review, which reported the find Monday.

``Scholars have said that there wasn't a Pool of Siloam and that John was using a religious conceit'' to illustrate a point, said New Testament scholar James H. Charlesworth of the Princeton Theological Seminary. ``Now we have found the Pool of Siloam ... exactly where John said it was.''

A gospel that was thought to be ``pure theology is now shown to be grounded in history,'' he said.

The discovery puts a new spotlight on what is called the pilgrimage to Jerusalem, a trip that religious law required ancient Jews to make at least once a year, said archeologist Ronny Reich of the University of Haifa, who excavated the pool.

``Jesus was just another pilgrim coming to Jerusalem,'' he said. ``It would be natural to find him there.''

The newly discovered pool is less than 200 yards from another Pool of Siloam, this one a reconstruction built between A.D. 400 and 460 by the empress Eudocia of Byzantium, who oversaw the rebuilding of several Biblical sites.

Why doubt what the Bible says? It's always right. I'd think you would have caught on by now.
``Scholars have said that there wasn't a Pool of Siloam and that John was using a religious conceit'' to illustrate a point, said New Testament scholar James H. Charlesworth of the Princeton Theological Seminary. ``Now we have found the Pool of Siloam ... exactly where John said it was.''
Umm... Duh!
A gospel that was thought to be ``pure theology is now shown to be grounded in history,'' he said.
Umm... Duh!