Friday, August 25, 2006

Changes are a coming!

I found out today that my work schedule is going to change. As is my work location. I'm back at the data center now. Back where it all started, but now with 12 hour shift goodness. The data center now has to literally be manned 24x7x365 and there wasn't enough staff there to do that, so I get to change locations. I get to work some days now though, 0630 to 1830. That shouldn't be too bad unless my schedule falls on the weekend, then I'll be half an hour late to the latest church services on Saturday and Sunday nights. Every now and then there will be a 1830-0630 shift too. We'll see how that all works out. Right now it doesn't look like I'll get holidays off any more, but that means I'll get double overtime.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Last Beautiful Girls Project

It's up and running... The Last Beautiful Girls. Check it out ladies and prove that you are beautiful. Give me some hope!

You see, I don't have much hope of meeting and loving a beautiful girl any more. The "perfect girl" is non-existent. She has gone off and found many ways to debeautify herself. I've become numb, uncaring and unwilling to waste my time pursuing something that seems not to exist any more. Why bother seeking the perfection of beauty when all you ever find is unattractive? Why continue swinging the hammer when all you ever do is hit your thumb... Because sometimes you hit the nail!

Ladies this is your chance to hit the nail on the head and prove that you are indeed a true beauty! The Last Beautiful Girls

Friday, August 11, 2006

Day Late and a Dollar Short, You Morons!

The mail comes when I'm at work 99% of the time. So I get it when I get home after midnight. Today I had something in the mail that made me laugh. It's a get out and vote card for the August 8th primary from the Missouri Disability Vote Project. Here's what made me laugh: 1) Yesterday was August 10th, today is August 11th, the primary was August 8th... Oops! LOL 2) The card is address to the lady I purchased my house from... 5 years ago! LOL 3) In the 5 years I've lived here, the Missouri Disability Vote Project has never tried to get the non-disabled former home owner to vote before! ROTFLMBO!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Well Now! What About...

Ugly to normal people?!

So I've been logging into my "desperate for love - please check out my profile" webpages (listed below) more often in the hopes that the ladies would notice me hanging around.

My Space -
Bebo -
Friendster -
hi5 -

Anyway these pages have lots of ads. One that kept showing up, a lot, was for a page called true. One ad in paticular caught my attention. It said that they screen for felons and marrieds. To myself I said "AND UGLY PEOPLE!" You see there's not an ugly person in any of their ads... not even a normal looking person. Only people way out of my league. No point in signing up for that page. Ads are below so you can see what I mean.