Sunday, September 10, 2006

Snapped in Half - A Prediction Come True

I told people that Trent Green was going to get it this season. Didn't even make it out of the first game!
Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Trent Green was knocked out of Sunday's game against the Cincinnati Bengals with an apparent head injury.

Green layed motionless on the field for serveral minutes and was strapped to a headboard and removed from the field on a stretcher after absorbing a hard hit from Bengals defensive end Robert Geathers with 4:40 left in the third quarter.
I'll call it now, Cheifs are done for the season. They should have drafted a QB.

Thursday, September 07, 2006


When the third window on my jeep broke -- not the glass, just the stuff inside that makes it go up and down -- I decided it was time to get them fixed. You see, it still gets pretty warm outside and with a not working right AC (it drips all kinds of water inside when I run it) three windows that wont go down make for a very uncomfortable drive. I took the jeep in today to the local Jeep dealer. When I found out that it was going to cost $1200+ for all three windows plus having to comeback in because they didn't have the part for the back window, I just had them fix the front two. I guess I'm broke now. That new 24" iMac will have to wait until next year for sure.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Cedar Point Photos Are Up

originally uploaded by inabeanpod.
My Cedar Point photos are up. Click the picure to go to Flickr and view the photo set.

Steve's got the whole trip covered on his post here.