Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Snowing Again

It's snowing again in KC. Third time this winter. Below are some pictures of the first snow... a 6 inch "dusting". It snowed just a bit yesterday before midnight and now it's going at it again. :)

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Yahoo! News - Pacers Brawl With Fans During Pistons Game

Yahoo! News - Pacers Brawl With Fans During Pistons Game: "Pacers Brawl With Fans During Pistons Game"
You know, there is a reason I call it Thug Ball.

Indiana's Ron Artest and Stephen Jackson charged into the stands and fought with fans in the final minute of their game against the Detroit Pistons on Friday night...
Thug Ball, what a pathetic excuse for a sport.

More... Suspensions Fly, A Thug Denies!
"I didn't start it. I just played the game," Wallace said Saturday before learning of his suspension.

Wallace began the fracas by delivering a hard, two-handed shove to Artest after Wallace was fouled on a drive to the basket with 45.9 seconds remaining.

So let me get this straight, a hard two-handed shove in retaliation of a foul isn't starting the brawl?

Even More Quoth the Thugs
"We've seen this stuff happen before with Monica Seles and different things, and baseball. It's not just the NBA. What can we do with this? That's something that the league has to talk about and that's what society has to talk about." — Charlotte Bobcats guard Steve Smith.

"You can't blame a player for reacting that way. You can't blame anybody. ... He was protecting himself. Nobody wants to be disrespected like that. You can say what you want as long as you don't put your hands on somebody else or touch him. You can't blame him." — Toronto Raptors guard Vince Carter defending Ron Artest.

"If you're a fan, and you step on the court, guys are going to come after you. I'm not saying the players did the right thing, but if you step on the court, then you are fair game. Players don't know if you're carrying a knife or something. You can hurt somebody." — Cleveland Cavaliers center Zydrunas Ilgauskas.
Do what we say not what we do. Quoth the Thugs.

Also in the sporting news... Europeans act like Europeans at a soccer match.
Spanish coach Luis Aragones stirred up trouble BEFORE the game by calling Arsenal ace Thierry Henry a black s***.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Nikon D70 - Popular Photography Magazine Camera of the Year

Nikon D70 - Popular Photography Magazine Camera of the Year: "Nikon D70 - Popular Photography Magazine Camera of the Year"

Yeah baby! That's what I'm talking about, says the proud owner of a Nikon D70 :)
Popular Photography Magazine has been awarded the Nikon D70 'Camera of the Year' status.

'The Nikon D70 was precisely the camera that the photography world needed this year.
A revolution began in 2003 with the Canon EOS Digital Rebel—its $899 sticker, its 6.3-megapixel sensor, and its attitude of "Everybody into the digital SLR pool; the water's fine!"

The question for '04 was how quickly a camera maker would seize on this revolutionary fervor, and add some sophistication, features, fine-tuning, and, well, "maturity" to what the D Rebel had wrought…without pushing the price to a pro-caliber level.

Nikon worked fast, and we had our hands on a nearly completed D70 in time for our May issue. As that article and our lab test of a production model in our June issue showed, Nikon got it right.'

Tuesday, November 09, 2004


Download Quicktime and then view the Teaser Trailer at Starwars.com

Get QuickTime

So there you have it. A nice quick link to see the new Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith teaser trailer in all of its much more superior than Real Player, Quicktime format glory. That's right, Quicktime is better than Real Player or RealOne or whatever they are call that crummy software now. Quicktime good, Real bad. iTunes good, Real Player bad. Star Wars good, filling your desktop with Real Player icons bad.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

CNN Names Photo Of President Bush Asshole.jpg

CNN Names Photo Of President Bush Asshole.jpg: "CNN Names Image Files For

President Bush: Asshole.jpg; Moron.jpg"

I guess this would be an example of CNN's unbiased news coverage.

More thoughts on this here.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Yahoo! News - Naked man climbs into LA jet

Yahoo! News - Naked man climbs into LA jet: "Naked man climbs into LA jet

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - A Canadian man, angry that he was refused a plane ticket to Australia at Los Angeles International Airport, stripped naked, sprinted across the tarmac and climbed into the wheel well of a moving jumbo jet, officials say."

Lesson of the day: When in LA be mindful of angry, naked, crazy Canadian's!!

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

quoth a moonbat

DRUDGE REPORT 2004�: "'Serious news will not appear first on the DRUDGE gossip website,' senior Kerry adviser Joe Lockhart told reporters."



Remember my prediction? Well, it wasn't quite right. Not reallyl a landslide as far as the Electoral Collage points went. Oh well. My guess wasn't any worse that the Professional Polling People did :)